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It Turns Out that Barack Obama Is A Black Person After all. And All this Time I Thought He Was Hawaiian.

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Barack Obama branded himself as a black person when he moved to Chicago’s south side and started doing community organizing.  However, his experience while growing up in Hawaii, and while living in Indonesia, was not that of a typical black person growing up in the 48 states.  He experienced none of the racial profiling that he now appears to see in the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., at his home near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass.

I think that, at heart, Obama doesn’t relate well to people in uniform.  Calling the Cambridge police actions “stupid” reminds me of his calling the Iraq War “dumb”.  So who is Barack Obama at heart?  Don’t look to Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayres. No. Look to Saul Alinsky, the great Marxist Socialist Community Organizer.

Getting back to the arrest of Gates, Michael Kinsley sums up the situation very well in his column in today’s Washington Post.  My favorite passage:

“After calming down a bit, Gates responded to being arrested the way any self-respecting Harvard professor would: He informed Charles Ogletree, director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School (“Call Tree,” he told his secretary as he was driven off, cuffed)[.]”

It seems to me that the lesson to be learned from this incident is that police everywhere need to be schooled in “Professor Profiling”